Tuesday, August 5, 2008


by Darlene Zambruski, ResumeEdge.com Managing Editor, CPRW, SME

Due to changes in staffing in the IT field, which include outsourcing and downsizing, jobseekers should be fully prepared to showcase their skills and talents during that small timeframe allotted to them by the hiring authority.

Unlike the last decade when IT skills were at a premium, now candidates must prove their worth. This can be done by following these tips:

1. Bring your resume and a list of completed projects to the interview:

Be certain to have enough copies to go around. Your past projects should include these components:

A. Project goals (i.e. Was the project initiated to resolve a problem or to grow business?)
B. Challenges faced in reaching said goals.
C. Results directly related to your work on the project.

2. Be prepared to be tested:

With so many applicants and so few positions, management may very well decide to pose a sample project and ask you to provide a solution. . .within the time allotted during the interview process.

Preparing beforehand for such an eventuality is obviously crucial. By taking the time to fully understand the requirements of the job (as listed in the posting) and researching the company online, you’ll get a feel for where it’s going and what its future IT needs will be.

3. Propose solutions:

Even if you’re asked to resolve problems in a sample project, use what you’ve learned about the company online and through the job posting to propose innovative solutions for:

A. Growing the business
B. Improving service
C. Going to the next level in the technology race.

By following the above three steps, you will significantly enhance your candidacy and will stand out in an increasing crowded field.

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