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Resumes and cover letters being distributed outside of the U.S. have specific requirements as to content, structure, and length. In the following weeks specific requirements for specific countries will be posted in this blog.

If the country in question requests personal information on the resume, this should come before qualification summaries or profiles.

The below guidelines are in addition to what is normally included in a resume or cover letter. If a certain area is not addressed for a specific country (eg: Education) that means the area does not differ from US resumes.

In referring to A4 page set up, this is the paper size used in some foreign countries. To use this for your document, simply go to page set up, paper size, and choose A4, rather than 8 ½” x 11”


Resume Guidelines

Personal Information (include):

1. Date of Birth
2. Place of Birth
3. Marital Status (“Civil” status refers to marital status)
4. Personal Identification Number
5. Number of Children and Their Ages (optional)
Never include religious or political beliefs, views, or interests


1. If not applying for a specific position, an Objective is used.

Education (include):

1. GPA (10 points is the maximum)
2. Student internships or diploma work (thesis), including length of time and subject
3. Indicate if client has studied abroad
4. High School Education, including name of school, year graduated, and if study was abroad

Professional Experience (include):

1. Company Descriptors (indicating scope of company activities)
2. Gaps in Employment must be explained

Special Skills:

1. List Proficiency in Foreign Languages
2. List Specific Computer Skills
Length: No longer than three pages

Cover Letter Guidelines

Content (include):

1. What job is being applied for
2. Education, job title, years of experience in positions comparable to one being applied for
3. Key achievements
4. Why you are interested in this particular position
5. Skills, experience, abilities that will be valuable to targeted company
6. Salary requirements (if required by job posting)
7. Ability to relocate and travel for business
8. That you are interested in scheduling an interview

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