Tuesday, December 9, 2008



Resume Guidelines

Personal Information (optional, but generally included):

1. Date of birth or age
2. Marital status
3. Number of children


1. In addition to college/university education, list only that you received high school diploma – no specifics about high school are necessary, not even name of high school.
2. List final ranking in school.

Special Skills (include):

1. Language Skills (and level of expertise that includes one of the following):
- basic
- school knowledge
- reading knowledge
- writing knowledge
- fluent
-professional use

2. Computer Skills – specify languages and tools – do NOT be vague

Professional Experience:

1. List data in this order:

Dates of employment, name of firm, activity sector (company descriptor, including sales and number of employees), location, your job title, then accomplishments and duties.

Professional Affiliations: Do NOT include unless you are currently a member and play a significant role in the organization.

Military Experience (optional)

Format: Chronological or reverse chronological, but reverse chronological is preferred. Begin with personal information, then professional experience, followed by education, then everything else (in that order)

Length: No longer than two pages

Cover Letter Guidelines

1. Position you’re applying for and why
2. Skills, experience, abilities that will be valuable to targeted company

Length: No more than one page

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