Thursday, January 22, 2009



Resume Guidelines

Personal Information (Include):

1. Date of Birth
2. Place of Birth
3. Marital Status
4. # of Children


1. Include secondary/high school information
2. Grades received
3. For university studies, include thesis title and professor you worked with; also if you graduated within minimum amount of years (four)
4. Study abroad, including when, where, and length of time
5. Mention relevant extracurricular activities, steering clear of religious/political references

Professional Experience:

1. Dates: Month/Year you started job; Month/Year you left job
2. Include company descriptors, including if its national/multination company, headquarter location, # of employees in your division, and turnover rate.
3. Explain gaps in employment
4. Specify if employment was part time or contract

Special Skills (include):

1. Language Skills (Levels of Expertise)
2. Computer Skills

Length: No longer than two pages

Cover Letter Guidelines

1. Position you’re applying for and why
2. Skills, experience, abilities that will be valuable to targeted company

Format & Length: Handwritten letters are preferred; no longer than ½ page in length

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